The Party People Inc.

The Party People Inc.
217 Atlantic Ave.
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
phone: 610-670-9219

Your wedding planning is filled with important decisions. One of them is picking the right entertainment. THE PARTY PEOPLE would like to remind you, that whoever you choose is a direct REFLECTION of your TASTE.

Your entertainment should also be willing to help guide your wedding to mirror your wishes. After all, this is your wedding. You should be able to pick the type of music you prefer to listen to. You should be able to determine when the formal activities should take place. You should have control of how active and interactive you want the DJ to be.

THE PARTY PEOPLE understand that this is your wedding. And that no one person or activity is right for everyone. That is why we are a company of DJ’s - giving us the opportunity to match the right DJ for your style.

Together, you pick the appropriate music, the timing of events, go over special family situations, and even talk about ideas that will make your wedding different, and special.

Keeping Your Wedding Reception... YOUR WEDDING RECEPTION. To set up an appointment to find more information, or to book your date call: 610-670-9219